How Long Should You Keep Your Underwear?

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So, how do you know when to trash those undies that you have in your underwear drawer without feeling too bad for wearing them for years. Well, we did some research for you, so all you have to do is read and figure out what best fits you! 

You're not the only one wondering if those cute little laced pink undies can make it another month or two or three, or if it's time to part ways for good and head back for another underwear shopping spree. If you're like us, you tend to hold on to your favorite designed panties, because let's be honest, they're hard to come by and with all the other things happening in our lives, sometimes a panty run comes far and few. No judgment zone, we've all been there.

The Huffington Post suggests that the best way to wash your undies is with hot water and bleach. This kills organisms living in your undies. If your undies can't withstand hot cycles, use cold or warm water with a detergent that contains peroxide such as Tide. As much as we love our dryers, the best way to dry underwear is to let them sundry. Wow, we may have to take it back to the olden days.

When do you drop the draws for sure? Pun intended. That's all based on your laundry habits and longevity of your panties. Material plays a role in determining if your panties will last. The fit, elasticity, and shape should be a determining factor when reviewing your underwear. If any of these aren't holding up, then it's time to call it quits.

“The key to knowing when it’s time to toss your undergarments is looking at [there] remaining properties ― stretch, fit, aesthetic,” Jockey’s creative director, Laetitia Lecigne, told HuffPost. “If there are any sagging, drooping or deformities in the shape, it’s time to go!”

“Even if you don’t wear a pair for a long time and they stay in your drawer, spandex and elastics ‘die’ and give out,” she said. “You can tell that this has happened if they don’t bounce or stretch and recover anymore.”

We don't want saggy panties, now do we? If this isn't you, then you have the green light to keep your panties until the band falls off.




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