Sis, What Happens To Your Body After Sex?

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Ever wonder what happens to your body after sex? We'll here's a list of things that can/will occur after being intimate. Ladies, you can probably relate to one or two things and as you mature in age, there's a good chance you'll check off other things on this list. 


1) You'll Feel Close To Your Partner 

Sex is suppose to be a form of intimacy that you experience with your partner and after having a orgasm your body releases a chemical oxytocin also known as the 'love hormone' which draws you closer to your partner and allows you to trust them more. 

2) Vaginal Smells

Having a vaginal smell isn't as bad a it sounds and it's actually pretty normal. After mixing oddly fluids, there's bound to be a few uncommon smells. You should only raise concerns if you begin to smell fishy or a foul odor. If so, contact your gynecologist immediately. It's best to wash up, never douche and ditch the panties for a few hours. 


3) You may feel Itchy 

A itchy and burning sensation comes with the aftermath of having sex. After the excitement dies down and you become settled, there's a good chance that you will feel a slight itch or feel a burning sensation. Don't jump to the conclusion that you've contracted an STD unless it lasts for hours. This feeling should only be a few minutes or so. When this occurs, it's mainly due to friction or lube if you used any. If the burning persists, check in with your gynecologist to make sure you don't have an imbalance.


4) Yeast Infections & UTI's 

This is a given and if you haven't experienced this yet, then you will. It's almost inevitable. Some women are prone to UTI's and if this is you, then we would suggest eating yogurt before you have sex and make sure to pee afterwards. Yeast infections are also common due to the amount of ladies exchanged between you and your partner. 



5) Cramps, is that you? 

Believe it not, you may get cramps. The good thing is that they will pass sis or at least they should. The feeling would be similar to your mensural cycle and cause light pain. Having an orgasm can cause abdominal pain which can lead to cramps. If the cramps persists or gets worse, then see your doctor. 


6) Soreness is a Thing!

Yup and it's more common than you think. It's very important to pay attention to your body after sex. The soreness shouldn't refrain you from getting back to normal activities. Sex shouldn't hurt but if you experience more pain than usual it's important to get checked out. 



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